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Contact Information:
 Contact us at oggroupmedia@gmail.com

1.Online Websites Statements

Please note the following information has been produced in order to show how our businesses and websites interact and work with each other to serve our national and international client base.

OG Group.co.uk statement and note:
O.G. Group.co.uk is a portal website and not a named business. O.G. Group.co.uk’s objective is to act as an information portal site for OGCC / UKDCM products and services. Also it serves as an information site for the OG Clothing Co. brand / Self Branded Partnership Schemes.

OG Clothing.com statement and note:
OGClothing.Com site is a dedicated online urban fashion retail and whole sale site, selling the most highest quality urban fashions coupled with “Socially Conscious Designs”, promoting peace, love and unity. The site also signs up O.G. Clothing Brand partners and can be used by partners to log in and see what sales have been made and what payments are due, as well as being able to sign up sign up sub partners below them helping them create more revenue.


2.Partnership Schemes Statement and notes:

Note what the “partnership” refers to as, strictly “relevant profit sharing partners, per sales made”. For O.G Clothing this is worth ie 10% to 20% and for Self-branded it is worth approximately 5% of the wholesale value of the bulk sale or order made via the website, or if the lead was from the partners website merchandise page or relevant link. 

1) OG Clothing Co. Brand www.ogclothing.com 

2) Self-Branded Branding Services www.selfbranded.co.uk 

The Partnership Schemes are based via the above websites and you must go to these sites to sign up and manage your account. YOU must go to the “footer” of the website i.e. at the bottom of the site and go to the PARTNERSHIP SCHEME button and sign up as a new customer and follow instructions of how to sign up. OG Group.co.uk is a marketing portal website for both schemes but you are unable to log in from OG Group.co.uk

All Packages as described have a “Make Money – No Investment” Opportunity are free no with start-up costs. Though we do highly recommend that in order to support the (Revolutionary) cause / that our partners purchase / have a sample pack to show samples to show their prospective clients. This can be done face to face if they wish (or all done via their own website or social media networks). We also would naturally expect our Partners to wear the garments and represent this unique fashion movement.  That sample packs are purchased at around whole sale prices and can be used for both OG Clothing (in regards to www.ogclothing.co partnership  scheme sales and or samples of manufactured / printed items for our self-branded partnership scheme www.selfbranded.co.uk ) . This is not an investment but a direct purchase, it is not essential but highly recommended as we wish to see our partners wearing, promoting and marketing our urban fashion garments and we give higher commissions (i.e. 5% extra) in return but again it is not essential for our “Industry” based clients.

Advanced Affiliation Membership and Partnership charges (if applicable)
Sample pack (purchasing this allows partner an increase of 5% in commission rates)It currently has a Retail value of approximately £140- £150  OG Group Partnership Sample pack is ONLY £59 (this includes: One Hooded top or sweat Jumper / x2  T-shirts x 2 caps) and we are selling this at £59.99 only (£69.99 including delivery UK mainland). Or £79.99 includes one hooded top and one sweat jumper x 2 t-shirts x 2 caps (£89.99) including delivery.  Larger packages with similar discounts are available.

Up loading of Partner designs on their web page (OG Clothing is free)

We are doing this cost effective as possible

considering our graphic design charges are up to £40 / hour we only charge £10 minimum charge for the first up load and £5 for every additional up load that is agreed normally a maximum of 3 (agreed single colour) designs  are applicable and this will be finalised by partner and company.

Graphic Design  Services-We charge our minimum charge of £25 to £30 (RRP up to £40 / hour) for general design services for our partners. 

Ecommerce Photography Services-We charge RRP £40 / hour but for our partner we charge only £20 / hour this includes camera man/woman and all equipment. We charge only £10 per hour hire with no camera man/woman and or camera.

Website and SEO services-We charge between RRP £350 to £1999 but for our Partners we only charge £250 to £999+ dependent on final requirements (for SEO services please enquire). 


3.Commission Structure / Partnership Plans

OG Clothing.com

In regards to Wholesale Area Agents, they are expected to purchase at least £149 (inc. delivery) worth of samples to represent and show case to online and retail shops as the more samples they have, the more chance of getting orders from OG Brand / Self-branded Partnership schemes. 

The Area agent will get 20% on all on line sales, 10% on each and every whole sale and 10% accrual commission for each and every whole sale re order. Also the Wholesale Area Agent is expected to “get on the books” at least 20 potential clients online and offline and make contact to show them relevant samples and create business with them and deal with them professionally ongoing.

Established sales agents with an array of established clientele on their books will not have to pay for samples but will be expected to enter into a formalised Agency agreement. Established Agents may take over shops and clients if non established agents have failed to conduct appropriate business in areas agreed and or have proven to be un-professional in business conduct.

A one off commission on general whole sale introduction would give the partner around 5% of the order.

Self Branded.co.uk 

SB commissions are fee based and are set fees for sales dependent on which (wholesale) service that has been sold will depend on fee given but as a general rule fees are calculated at approximately 5 % of the sale value. Please note these items are sold at whole sale and multiple items from minimum purchase of 6 to 200 pieces to mass bulk purchases of 1000, 5000 and 10,000 plus items where commissions are up to 3-5%.Business reputation of the partner may influence an increase or decrease to the above percentage but will be fully agreed with the partner.Agreements on this can be negotiated with Businesses and Agents whom possess a strong business acumen and have the ability to bring in larger business contracts or deals constantly or ongoing.

4.Conditions of Joining Partnership Schemes

  • Do you have a large social network of over 50,000 followers?
  • Do you want to represent a thought provoking, socially concious brand?
  • Are you revolutionary?
  • Are you anti war?
  • Do you want to be sponsored by O.G Clothing
  • Do you want to make 50% profits on your page?
  • Would you want to earn money on your own range selling on your own dedicated page on our site?
  • Do you need a design/garment print team for your concert and tour merchandise?

1) Partner must be “Revolutionary”, i.e. ready to unite as a voice for revolutionary causes in order to fight for “peace love and unity” and against social injustice.  

2) Online applied (non-approached) potential Partners must identify who they are and what fan / follower base that they have and how they can assure they are Revolutionary. Also ability to introduce us to other revolutionary partners either directly or directly as sub partners underneath them thus making money from them directly too and get more % income from sales. As we are looking for active celebrities, Revolutionary people, companies or brands who all have a good fan / followers base in order they can post their partnership webpages / products on their site or post to their fan base. Also the potential partner must be active in promoting the link and we will increase their percentage another 5% once introduced to 6 other “Revolutionary” Partners.

3) Partner’s affiliate  percentage depends on agreement made  (All commissions are calculated with pre Vat value and do not include delivery costs etc)Examples of commission payments:

OG Clothing.com 

  •  A Hooded top sold at £50 a partner at 20% would get £10.00 commission.
  •  A hooded top £50, sweat jumper £40, 2 snap backs £40, 2 t-shirts £40 all sold the partner at 20% would get £34.00 commission 


  • A UK printed order of 100 t-shirts printed at £4.50 each the partner will get £22.50 commission
  • A minimum order of 200 snap back hats manufactured and produced, the partner will get approximately £60
  • 1000 hooded tops manufactured at £8 each, the partner would make up to £400 commission 

4) Commissions on own merchandise; if not bought upfront then we will normally offer 20% to 25% of the order value to the named artist, club or company. Note by buying the goods upfront in bulk, margins will be higher ie 80% of order can be received by the Partner. Where 20% value coming back to us for storing, managing and distributing the goods to end buyers from orders placed on partnership pages.

5) Sample packs are expected to be bought but not essential

6) OGCC / SB partnership pages will be given free, we expect music artists / celebs to have pictures of them wearing OGCC goods on their OG page to go on their dedicated banner. This can be done at our centre with our mini photoshoot centre or high quality pictures can be sent in to us.

7) Partner understands payments are made by partner issuing an invoice to either OG Clothing Co. / UKDCM at least 30 days after the sale is complete and or after product or service is fully delivered. (We kindly request for administration purposes a minimum value £10.00).  

8) Partners must invoice us within a maximum of 6 months time period from the sales being made. As we need an invoice to make any payment against. We expect all our partners to be active enough to be making sure they promote the appropriate links/ pages, check their own accounts for payments due and request payment against invoice sent to us. If we do not get the invoice within 6 months of sale we have the right to keep the funds as this would indicate a non-active partner. So at the very least partners are expected to check their on line account and that will be their full responsibility (an invoice template can be given and the appropriate email address for our finance department will be given to send invoice to). j.joyce@oggroup.co.uk

9) Note all information provided; prices, agreements, descriptions, news etc can updated any time without notice or prior notification though this will never go against any agreement signed.

10) If partners wish to display their merchandise on their OG web page then the art work to complete this will be paid by the partner unless agreed otherwise. Garments sold on behalf of artists will in most cases be one colour prints single or double sided. The charge for the first garment to be superimposed is £10 and every garment after that is £5 per design to be up loaded.

5.Our use of cookies  

When you visit our website, (especially if you have come to our website via one of our affiliate partnership schemes or you are one of our partners). Our server attaches a small data file called a “cookie” to your computer’s memory. Cookies are pieces of information that may be transferred to your computer’s memory when you visit a website for record keeping purposes. Most Web browsers are set to accept cookies. However, if you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your Web browser to refuse cookies (but this may affect  commissions on affiliate partnership schemes and we will not be responsible for non-recorded sales). We use cookies to provide us with aggregate (anonymous) information on how people use our website and to help us to know what they find interesting and useful about our website’s design, service or products.We do not link this information back to your identity or other information that you have provided to us. We do not store any information that identifies you inside our cookies or Links to other websites. This website may contain links or references to other websites. Our Website Privacy Statement does not extend beyond / OG Group.co.uk / O.G. Clothing Co. / Self branded / UKDCM and when visiting other sites via a link on our website, you should familiarise yourself with the linked website’s privacy statement.   Our online transactions, respect our customer’s personal information as private and confidential. We will not share your information with any outside organisations or individuals. Your information is securely stored on our site. None of your Credit / Debit card information is stored on this site. We use a third party payment processor to handle this information securely 


OG Group.co.uk (via OG Clothing Co. and UKDCM), is a portal website for OGCC / UKDCM whom provide innovative urban fashion production (manufacturing/ Printing) and Branding solutions.      

We are committed to protecting your privacy ………………… 
Self branded.co.uk, is a marketing website (for OGCC / UKDCM) fashion production (manufacturing/ Printing) and Branding solutions and services.           We are committed to protecting your privacy ………………… 
UKDCM, is a leader in innovative urban fashion production (manufacturing/ Printing) and Branding solutions.                                                                     We are committed to protecting your privacy ………………… 

OG Clothing Co. is a globally unique “Revolutionary” urban fashion brand, representing conscious messages coupled with our high grade fabrics, cuts, embellishment and accessories. With our “industry” partnership schemes and philanthropic agenda, OG Clothing is set to create history and a Global Revolution.                                                                                                                                                                 

We are committed to protecting your privacy ………………… 

We are committed to protecting your privacy and we take all necessary steps needed. We understand that visitors and users of this website are concerned about their privacy and the confidentiality and security of any information that is provided to us. This Privacy Statement details how we generally manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy. We may collect information about you where it is necessary for us to perform our functions. The information we collect about you depends on how and why you access the website, the information you choose to provide to us, and the types of information and services you request from us. If you visit our website to browse, read or download information (or join any of our partnership schemes), our system may record anonymous information about the visit such as the number of pages visited and the duration of the visit so we can evaluate site usage to make improvements. Your identity cannot be reasonably ascertained from this information. If you communicate directly with us via e-mail, complete one of our online forms, (join partnership schemes) or use one of our other interactive tools, some of the information that you submit may be personal information (that is, information from which you can be identified, such as your full name, street address, e-mail address, phone number, and so on). If you choose to provide your personal information to us, it may be used in order to:

  • Contact you in respect of a query you made.
  • Provide the products and services that you require and ensure our site is relevant to your needs.
  • Deliver products and services such as email newsletters (if you have requested them).
  •  Answer your requests and queries.
  • Research and develop our products and services.
  • Gain an understanding of your needs in order to provide a better service.
  •  Promote and market our services.
  • Protect our intellectual property and ownership rights.
  • Fulfil any legal requirements


  • We use a third party payment processor to handle this information securely
  • None of your Credit / Debit card information is stored on this site

We may disclose your personal information to our internal partners to enable us to provide the services you have requested, or as otherwise permitted by law. Contacting us via email and our web forms OG Group.co.uk / O.G. Clothing Co. / Self branded / UKDCM (at the address below) is the data controller for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998. You have the right to access the information which / OG Group.co.uk / O.G. Clothing Co. / Self branded / UKDCM holds about you and your right of access can be exercised in accordance with the Act. Any access request may be subject to a fee of £10 to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you. 

Contact Information / OG Group.co.uk / O.G. Clothing Co. / Self branded / UKDCM 163 Wood Street. 

London E17 3LX info@oggroup.co.uk  or business@oggroup.co.uk    info@ukdcm.co.uk

7.INDIVIDUAL PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT-If requested a copy please email us to organise a physical copy.

OG Clothing Co. Fashion Brand Affiliate Partnership Agreement Between the following parties (party = consisting of vendor and (affiliate) partner)

Vendor: OG Clothing 163 wood Street London E17 3LX    Date:2015

Propose a Partnership with the below partner with the following terms and conditions where a signature will make the agreement binding.

Partner : Artist X (aka) or real name ____________  Address____________ Phone___________  email _____

OG Clothing Co. / UKDCM confirms it will make payment to the above partner on all sales for either or both companies products and services according to the agreed percentage commissions for either or both companies. 

By accepting Partnership you are accepting that we have the right to use all photographs, videos or any media files taken or given with the Artist/Charity or business wearing OG Clothing and or their own brand. OG Clothing has the right to use these pictures for their ongoing marketing purposes.

I hereby have fully agreed for OG Clothing Co. Ltd to haven taken photos and video footage of myself, group, company or brand

(Partner) I/ we / company / artist/ agent / management / charity / business: agree to let all pictures, photos and images of myself, group, company or brand to be used by OG Clothing Co. Ltd for their ongoing marketing purposes.

By accepting Partnership you are accepting that we have the right to use all photographs, videos or any media files taken or given with the Artist/Charity or business wearing OG Clothing and or their own brand. OG Clothing has the right to use these pictures for their ongoing marketing purposes.

I hereby have fully agreed for OG Clothing Co. Ltd to haven taken photos and video footage of myself, group, company or brand (Partner) I/ we / company / artist/ agent / management / charity / business: agree to let all pictures, photos and images of myself, group, company or brand to be used by OG Clothing Co. Ltd for their ongoing marketing purposes.

Agreed Percentage for products sold under OG Clothing Co. (OG Clothing.com) =

Agreed Percentage for services sold under OGCC / UKDCM (selfbranded.co.uk) =

Above Affiliate Partner has: Read and understood all information (Terms and conditions) on how the partnership scheme works and has read all the information below and is happy to proceed to this agreement via ticking the box (ticking the box indicates you have fully understood all information provided).

All Information & Terms & Conditions:

  •  Online websites statements 
  • Partnership schemes statement and note 
  •  How to set up the partnership scheme step by step    
  •  Advanced affiliation membership and partnership charges (if applicable) 
  • Commission structure / partnership plans 
  • Conditions of joining Partnership Schemes
  • Individual partnership agreement (example)  
  • Privacy policies 
  • Our use of cookies  

Partner has no liability in any which way or form whether that be financially or commercially and therefore this is a risk free partnership where partner is free at any time to leave the partnership scheme. This does not relay to Partner’s purchasing products and services as all products and services purchased by the partner though discounted will follow the latest sales of goods act and relevant English laws.

Signed by Affiliate Partner Name of affiliate partner and AKA name                Date: 2015

Artist X aka  Jason Edwards

Signed by OGGroup.co.uk Rep Name of OG Group.co.uk Rep Date